Quality Certification

Green Tiba is always eager to be up to date with all the modern aspects of the international food safety and quality management standards through applying a comprehensive Quality Assurance System that confirms how the fresh produce grown and handled from seeds till the final product in the customers’ warehouses.

Our main goal is to meet our clients’ needs through packing and sourcing our fresh produce from farms that comply with the international standards of good agricultural and manufacturing practices of the Global G.A.P certificates, (Good Agricultural Practices).

All our fresh fruits and vegetables are packed at Packhouses that comply with the Global Manufacturing Standards of ISO 22000 and BRC, (Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices). And also, Green Tiba group is aware of the workers social responsibility (SEDEX)

Green Tiba main goal is to provide its customers with fruits and vegetables of the highest quality that carefuly handpicked, packed and transported in the due delivery time as delivery time is playing a great role in fresh produce business by using the shortest possible transit time for delivering our shipments.

Pesticides Management

Green Tiba strategy is to supply its customers with fresh products that comply with the EU Pesticides Regulations and Legislations and within the EU MRL limits, (Maximum Residue Levels).

 Green Tiba apply a full Pesticide Management over all our fresh produce through following an Integrated Pest Management System, (IPM), as to limit, minimize and rationalize the use of the chemical compounds in all our supplied fresh fruits and vegetables to be nearly free from pesticides compounds.

 In our fresh fruits and vegetables supply, we are following a positive release system through a trained team who periodically take samples that cover all the grown areas for each produce to be tested against the pesticides MRL in subcontracted accredited labs as to have the results before the expected harvesting date, packing and loading our shipments to our different worldwide customers.


Since quality and efficiency is ensured through the use of full traceability system in fresh fruits and vegetables supply, we have a full traceability system as our fresh produce can be traced from being seeds till reaching end customer through a full documented cycle.

Regarding pesticide traceability in our production, we can trace the applications of pesticide easily through certain documents used in our integrated pesticide management system.

When it comes to any complaints or any requirements related to traceability from our customers, it is recommended for our customers to send us the lot number that mentioned on the packing sticker in order to be able to have a complete traceability with all the relevant documents if required.

Social Responsibilities

Social responsibilities represent an integral part of Green Tiba sustainability in the fresh produce business, as we have full responsibilities towards both workers and work environment.

We always respect and support all the workers’ rights, work towards the effective abolition of child labour and eliminate all kinds of discriminations in respect of employees and occuppations. We confidently believe in enabling our employees by providing them with a healthy and encouraging business environment to help them realize their full potential.

We confidently believe that if we take care of our environment, farms, and workers, we will be able to produce fresh fruits and vegetables of finest quality that exceed our customers’ expectations.

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