Fresh Grapes

Egyptian fresh grapes are in high demand worldwide due to its premium quality, naturally sweet flavour and delicious taste.

Fresh Mango

We have different varieties of Mango grown at the owned farms and we are sourcing good volumes from the Egyptian famous Mango.

Fresh Strawberries

Fresh strawberries are grown at Green tiba fields, packed and sorted /graded according to the international standards of quality control


Our fresh Pomegranates is available during the summer season and each fruit contains edible seeds individually covered with a delicious

Navel Oranges

Navel oranges are the finest for eating as they are seedless oranges, have a waxing extend shelf life.

Valencia Oranges

Valencia orange is grown at wide scale, with big volumes and used mainly for orange juice production & processing.


Adhalia lemon

Egyptian lemon is famous for having a high content of Citric Acid, Vitamin C and Potassium Available in all sizes, very good quality

Honey Murcott

Greentiba Murcott Tangerine is a dense, heavy, late-season Mandarine with intense sweetness and flavour.

Peach & Nectarine

Peach and Nectarine belong to the stone fruit family. Green Tiba is one of the few Egyptian growers and exporters of stone fruits.